Frequently Asked Questions

► What is Vcheck Online?

We acquire court records, recorded documents, property records, bankruptcy records, business records, and other public record filings from almost every county and state in the US.

► Do I get instant results?

No, our results are emailed back to you. Our investigators acquire records from the source. Turnaround time is typically between two to three business days, but can be in as little as 24 hours, or in unusual cases may take several months… depending on the county clerk, secretary of state, or other depository of record.

► Do I need to set up an account?

Only if you want to order a product. There is no sign-up fee, no minimum order, no monthly surcharges, no sharing of your personal information, no cross-marketing to other companies, and no unsolicited emails. If you sign up but decide not to purchase an item or service, your card will never be charged.

► Can anyone order? Isn’t this information considered confidential?

We offer only ‘public record’ information. All records offered are available to anyone that agrees to not misuse or abuse the document. We do not offer credit report-related details, phone numbers, addresses, unknown family details, and other personal identifiers considered ‘restricted information’

► Why do I need to pre-pay?

We keep our costs affordable by having every client pay for their services at the time of ordering.

► Wouldn’t it be less expensive to order these records on my own?

Possibly. What is your time worth? Do you know where to find the records? Our company pays tens of thousands of dollars a year for data subscription fees, document retrieval fees, and state or county accounts. Only our large volume of business can cover these costs.

► What happens if you can’t get the records I requested?

Your card will be promptly refunded in full.

► Can I cancel an order if I change my mind?

Only if we have not yet started to work on your case. Please let us know as soon as possible via email or phone.

► What is your refund policy?

There is no full refund if:
1) You order a service and you cancelled after we have begun the research process;
2) We acquired the record you requested and it did not contain the details you needed; or
3) Results are taking too long to receive. Some clerks and courts have a very long retrieval turnaround and we have no control over that timing.

There may be a partial refund if we found the record but details of the record are no longer available.

We will provide a full refund on any report that contains details on an incorrect person or company if the fault lies with our research method (but not if you provided incorrect information to us).

► How do I receive the results?

Results will be emailed or snail mailed.

► I want something that’s not on the list.

Just ask us! We can be very creative.

► Why can’t I search for a person’s address or phone number or SSN or DOB?

This information may be protected under the Fair credit Reporting Act. We simply don’t offer this service.

► Why can’t I search for birth certificates?

Birth certificates are usually limited to those who are family members, an attorney representing the family, licensed adoption agencies, or law enforcement. If you meet this criteria you will need to contact the governing county or state agency yourself. Vcheck Global is not a law firm and cannot act as your agent.